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Dieting without a Diet


The hardest part about starting a diet is knowing where to start.

There are an insane amount of gurus offering their secret programs and life hacks.  All they require is your email address to spam you intensely with science sounding phrases and blurb to confuse you into buying their thing.

Most people's perception of diets is a horrible and arduous task filled with special routines and colour coded days.  Some foods are bad, some are good. It's all very mysterious.

The truth is that starting an eating plan to lose weight can be very easy.

The method that universally works for all weight loss plans is to create a calorie deficit which means that you eat less calories from food than you expend from exercise and daily activity.

It's a very simple premise, but one that is completely over complicated by many people trying to make money from the lack of knowledge of nutrition of the majority of the population.

Let's break it down into the simple elements.

1. You need to eat less...

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