A simple guide to eating healthily in high street restaurants and coffee shops

How to make the right food choices to maintain your healthy lifestyle and prevent overeating calories when your choices are limited

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Hi, I'm Tom

I teach people the best Nutrition Habits  so they can get their perfect body and improve their health and fitness.

I've built my consultancy around the 3 elements of Clarity, Choice and Consistency.

This Eating Out Guide supports those elements by helping you to plan to maintain your healthy lifestyle when you have to eat at high street shops and restaurants.

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A simple to read guide for high street eating

Popular Restaurants

The meals that you can factor in to your diet easily

Sandwich Shops

On the go and no time to sit?  No problem

Coffee Shops

When it's a drive through affair

Bonus Guide

Get my full detailed calorie listing for Costa when you download the Eating Out Guide.

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