Your perfect day. Everyday.

How to go from restrictive diets, confusion about foods and frustration with your weight, to a confident, leaner body, eating only foods that you like.

It's an uncomfortable truth that your chances of losing weight on a diet and keeping it off are only about 5%


For many people, thinking about dieting fills them with dread.  For the 95% of failed dieters that have tried and failed to lose weight in the past, the thought of trying to restrict their food intake while doing an exercise routine that is difficult to fit around their everyday life is depressing.


If you've tried to lose weight in the past then you'll know that you always start off your dieting efforts full of enthusiasm with a serious drive and confidence that THIS TIME it will be your success that can be shared all across social media like so many that you've seen on the diet program adverts.


A few weeks in and that initial enthusiasm and vigour to get sh*t done has reduced drastically.


Your meals are not that exciting and a trip to Greggs or Pizza Hut is calling.


It's harder to resist the office table of cakes, or your family's treat cupboard where the chocolate delights are calling your name.


You're not sure what to do with yourself while sat down at night watching TV as normally you'd be munching through some snacks watching Netflix.


You may be losing weight, but that's slowed down now as well and you're starting to hate the diet more than the thought of being overweight again, at least then you weren't craving food all the time and were happy most of the day until you looked in the mirror.


Then something happens in your day to throw you out of routine, you haven't got your nicely prepared meal from your plan and so you have to get something from the sandwich shop or local takeaway before you die of hunger




The floodgates open


Before you know what's happening you're halfway through a lorry load of chocolate, feeling a bit sick and wondering where it all went wrong.


You're sure that all the work you've done over the last few weeks is now completely messed up and so why not just eat the rest of the chocolate? 



I know EXACTLY how you feel

I've done hundreds of diets, I hated every single one of them, until I found a system that worked for me that I now use with all my weight loss clients

What can a 'Perfect Day' look like?

Imagine starting every day looking in the mirror and liking what you see
  • You put on clothes that you love wearing, and didn't compromise on.
  • When you decide it's time to eat, you pick something you like. 
  • You know how much food is right for you to maintain your leaner physique.
  • Throughout the day you take the opportunity to increase your activity in small ways so that you burn more calories while still doing your normal daily routines.
  • You reinforce your leaner lifestyle with healthy habits that help prevent overeating and snacking when you aren't hungry



What's your secret to looking so good?


People who haven't seen you in a few weeks ask...

"How did you lose all that weight eating all that food"

"Can you teach me how to do it?"

You tell them your 'secret', as you explain that later on you're having a meal out with your family.


You'll choose your favourite treat meal and not feel one ounce of guilt.


Tomorrow, you'll repeat and the day after that. It's pretty easy to be consistent when you don't feel like you're dieting.

You've developed a confidence in your own choices that means you never have to 'diet' again.


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At the moment you might be the one asking

"How do I do that?"


"Where do I start?"


The idea of 'dieting' fills you with dread.

  • You don't know how much or what foods to eat to lose weight.
  • You've had a lot of conflicting advice about the 'best way' to diet.
  • Your experience of dieting has been of restrictive diets with very little support.


Previous diets have meant that your social life suffered.

  • Meals out were depressing as your friends ate nice food and you had to go for the 'healthy option'.
  • Sometimes you just ordered what you wanted and then felt guilty afterwards for ruining your diet.


The only things consistent in your diets have been:

  • You were hungry a lot.
  • You were jealous of people that could eat what they wanted and remain slim.
  • You bounced from diet to diet searching for the promised magic bullet to get you slim and none ever came.
You might be slowly resigning yourself to the 'truth' that you would always be overweight and never love how you look.
  • You dread photos with friends and family.  Especially on holiday.
  • The mirror is your enemy.
  • Clothes shopping is a depressing experience full of compromise on the clothes you want and those you fit into.

What is standing in your way to your perfect day?

Your Ultimate Problem

Every member of the Target Lean community has tried and failed to achieve the body they want by themselves.

They faced 3 root causes that created their own unique Ultimate Problem.  This problem was unsolvable until they went through the Target Lean program.


Not knowing what or how to eat to achieve their goals.


Following restrictive diets that made them unhappy.


Being unable to stick to the diet for long resulting in gaining all the weight back again.  


This pattern repeats over and over until the person believes that they will never be slimmer and that they are a failure for not sticking to the diet.


Every Target Lean client has faced these problems

After 7 weeks they were no longer problems

Target Lean clients develop the 3 foundations of a leaner lifestyle


They know exactly what to eat, how much is right for them and they understand their bodies better.


They only eat foods that they like and they have total control over their diet.


They develop positive habits and do it right again and again which yields incredible results.


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The Target Lean Transformation

Over 7 weeks we take you through a process of building your confidence and knowledge so that you can make every day your perfect day

What's in the Target Lean Program

A Tailored Diet Plan

You'll know right from the start what to eat. How much per portion is right for you. You pick the foods you want.

Tutorials and Video Guides

Our purpose built teaching platform gives you every lesson you need to learn how to take control of your habits and cravings.

Private Coaching Group

If you get stuck we are always online to help you.  We do live coaching Q&As twice a week to keep you motivated and on target.

Where will you be in 6 weeks after joining Target Lean

  • You'll know exactly how much food is right for you to maintain a leaner body
  • You'll have developed strong, positive habits to keep you on track
  • You'll be part of a community where everyone is committed to a leaner body.
  • You'll be starting to love looking in the mirror and seeing the changes happen
  • You'll never feel guilty eating out or having a lazy weekend
  • You'll be developing a positive and strong mindset towards living a leaner lifestyle
  • You'll have a new identity of a leaner person, living a leaner life.  Not an overweight person who's constantly trying to lose weight
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2 Expert Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches

We believe every person who wants to develop a leaner, healthier body has the right to achieve it without suffering mentally and physically.

Tom Blackman

A performance nutritionist and former champion bodybuilder, Tom has been coaching clients for over 10 years.  He specialises in clients wanting to lose over 20kg.

Phoenix Rain

An international powerlifting champion and record holder, Phoenix is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who has worked with women developing positive habits for weight loss for over 10 years

The Challenge Week builds the foundation of your perfect body

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Our Guarantee


We can't guarantee that you will lose weight on the Target Lean program because the program is a partnership between you and us.  You will get out what you put in.


What we can guarantee is that we will be there to support you 100% of the time. 


If you follow our methods and apply your motivation to change your body then you will see improvements within 1 week.


We've ran the program for over 3 years and you can see from our testimonials that the members who put the work in get the results.


We don't do before and after pictures, why?


Because ANYBODY can give you a restrictive diet with hardly any calories and a hefty exercise schedule and you will lose weight in a few weeks.


The real trick, as you know, is keeping it off past that time.


That's what we focus on


We teach you the skills to be still making progress in 6 MONTHS


Which is why we give you LIFETIME access to our private members group

We are always around to give you a helping hand and demolish any problems that keep coming back


We can also guarantee that if you stay as you are, moving between diet to diet, always looking for a magic pill, then you WILL stay the same or get worse.  

We want to eliminate restrictive and depressing diet plans that destroy people's self confidence

Ensure that you never have to be unhappy with your body or endlessly hungry again when 'dieting'. Every Target Lean member has made that choice.

An end to restriction

Learn how to eat all your favourite foods and get the body that you want

Never feel like a failure again

Your diet, your way, with our guidance

Stop Yo Yo dieting

Learn how to consistently get results and live your leaner lifestyle

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We believe that every person has the right to feel happy in their own body

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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