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For many successful business people, having a leaner, stronger physique to really stand out in the crowd seems unobtainable due to their demanding work schedule.


Long hours, a busy family life and hectic social diary can mean that it's difficult to train more than 3 times a week. 


The desire to eat healthily and maintain a slim waistline is repeatedly over ridden by food eaten on the go, between meetings or not at all due to tight deadlines and client consultations.



You love what you do, it pays well and gives you a great life for you and your family.




You're increasingly annoyed at having to cut short or postpone your training sessions.


You have an incredible passion for working out and looking good but all the previous plans you've tried have become boring, repetitive and difficult to follow.


You hate eating rubbish food but you feel you have no time to prep or eat healthily.


The diets plans you've tried until now have been inflexible, restrictive and require you to spend hours prepping food every day. 


Hours that you don't have.

I know EXACTLY how you feel right now

My name is Tom Blackman, I'm a performance nutritionist and the author of the book 'Target Lean' (avail Feb 2020)


I specialise in body transformations for professionals and business owners over 30 years old. 


For the last 3 years I've been teaching my clients how to develop incredible leaner and stronger physiques while running their own very successful businesses.


I'm a business owner myself, managing both my gym and nutrition consultancy.


I was a champion bodybuilder.  Five years ago, after I retired, I found that the demands of managing my businesses meant that I could no longer train for 2 hours, 5 days a week, then prep and eat 7 high protein meals a day.


This situation was made even more challenging with the birth of my son. 


My priorities shifted. 


Raising my family and managing my businesses to provide for them meant I had to rethink my training and nutrition.


I could no longer spend over 2 hours in the gym every day.


No more 6am cardio


Couldn't spend an hour cooking my food every evening for the next day and then have 8 hours sleep a night. 


It just wasn't possible and I could see myself becoming worse in the mirror, day by day. 


I was eating more takeaways and grab food from the motorway services.  I was on the verge of the DAD BOD.




I never wanted to be one of those 'I used to lift, I used to look good' guys that are now fat and out of shape because they've let work get on top of them.


So I totally revamped my approach to my physique


  • I developed a workout system for making sure I could train for 3 days a week and still maintain a great body.


  • My nutrition was adapted to meet the demands of regular trips to London, client meetings, long days and overseeing the running of the gym.


A few months later the Dad bod was gone and I was in a routine of eating right and feeling healthier


  • I was enjoying training again as every workout was slightly different each week.  

  • My work schedule no longer impacted negatively on my body

  • My food prep was quick, easy and didn't impact on my family life


I asked a few of my clients to try out my new methods and they all had similar results.  I knew that this system could work for other people in my situation


If you are a busy professional or business owner struggling to fit workouts and proper nutrition around your job then this program is definitely for you

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How to get a leaner, stronger, healthier body, enjoy every workout and eat right with minimal food prep


This program has been purpose built for busy professionals and business owners to save you time while transforming your body.

12 new 45-60 minute workouts per month

Every month you'll get 12 workouts split over 4 weeks. 

All of these have been constructed to build muscle and maximise your time in the gym. 



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A BIG failing in 90% of workouts is that they are repetitive, boring and you lose interest quickly.



You'll know that when you start a new workout program you immediately get some improvement in your physique because


  • It's new

  • It's interesting

  • You are doing stuff differently


Then after a few weeks you start to get bored as the workouts become repetitive.


This is why we give you a  12 brand new workouts every month based on different training systems



  • Classic Bodybuilding Workouts

  • Push, Pull, Legs

  • Full Body

  • German Volume Training


It will be like every month you're starting again.

Every month you'll make new progress

Every month you'll enjoy your training

Eating right with a busy schedule


Learn the professional methods and my own secret tweaks that I've used over the last 20 years to eat well on the go and how to find a decent meal even at motorway services.



Click to start your 7 day trial

I'll teach you how to work out your macros for fat loss or muscle gain, how to track progress then adjust for an incredible body that you never thought was possible.


  • You'll learn how to use your phone to track your food intake on the go and the right targets to aim for to develop a leaner stronger body.


  • You'll learn how to make up 8-9 meals REALLY quickly so that you always have something to hand at work or when you come home late in the evening.


  • You'll get 30 brand new recipes every month to try out so you never get bored of your food.


I've filmed tutorial videos that have been customised to help you design your perfect day for a fat loss or muscle gaining diet.  So even if you know you've got a stressful day coming up, your food won't be adding to that stress.

Train Hard, Eat Well, Enjoy Yourself

Your Body Revolution is a monthly membership program which continually delivers new usable, simple to follow tips and techniques to improve your physique

Training Productively

Forget that guy or girl on Instagram that has that ideal body you want.  Most likely they are slogging in the gym for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You haven't time for that.  Your workouts need to be varied, targeted and challenging.  They also need to be 60 minutes max to fit into your day.

EVERY workout can be done in 45 minutes in most gyms and will leave you feeling pumped and razor motivated for the next challenge.

Eating Efficiently

There's a massive misconception that healthy, high protein meals need to be prepped from scratch and takes ages to cook.

This is not true.  You can prep all your meals for 3-4 days in 30-40 minutes.

Even if you're on the road and living out of hotels, today's fast moving culture has meant that there's a ton of choices available for the health conscious professional if you know where to look.

You will learn how to easily manage your nutrition like a professional to fit your goals.

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Enjoying Life

With your training and nutrition easily managed you'll finally be making progress in improving your health, fitness and physique.

So you'll have more time to enjoy your life away from work and the gym.

With all the elements falling into place, you'll enjoy looking in the mirror, feel better on the beach and radiate confidence in how you look.


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Everything you need to develop an incredible body

A custom built membership site with step by step guides to building your perfect body.

Take your own Personal Trainer with you wherever you go

12 new workouts every month. Use our custom workout app to guide your workouts. Log your progress and record your best efforts. Step by step guides show you how.

Private Members Group

Custom apps are nothing without accountability to keep you on the right path. The members group hosts live Q&A sessions every week and periodic video conferences to address specific problems for members. If you have a problem that you need help with, we are only a click away.

20 years of bodybuilding knowledge and experience

I used to lift more than I do now. Nutrition and Training are the 2 things I love talking about the most. If you want to build muscle and lose body fat I'll have the answer to the questions and problems that you're facing.

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Still not sure?

What you'll get in your free 7 day trial

6 Muscle Building Workouts

These aren't 'trial workouts' they are 100% designed to push your body to build muscle and burn fat.

Nutrition Coaching

2 tutorials on building your perfect diet for building muscle and burning fat

Live Coaching Webinar

I go live at least once each week to give you a live consulting webinar within the group and keep you working towards your goal.

The benefits of your own Nutrition Consultant at a fraction of the cost



I am a big believer in education and knowledge transfer.  Part of my private practice is teaching my clients how to manage and adjust their own diet so that they feel confident in their own decisions.


Your Body Revolution will teach you how to take control of your own nutrition and make confident informed choices about your training and diet.


Every short video tutorial addresses a key learning point and are kept short to allow you to quickly understand the concepts and apply them to your own life.


If you need to, you can book a private consultation with me via a Video or Call to address any specific issues which you want my help with directly 

New video tutorials every month

No nonsense, usable techniques and information that you can use every day.

Detailed Workout Guides

In addition to the workout app you'll get more in depth specific workout guides to give you more ideas for your training

Easy to understand video tutorials

You know things will get interesting when the whiteboard pens come out

Easy food prep videos

This is real life, not celebrity chef time.  All the meal prep guides are easy to follow and don't require any cooking experience

Start your free 7 day trial now

Try the program completely free for 7 days. If you're not completely happy you don't pay anything and are free to cancel

What happens when you sign up?


  • You'll be asked to create a login so that you can access the membership site
  • I'll send you a link to access the workout app via email
  • You request access to the Facebook group and meet the other members of your community
  • If you wish to book an initial consultation you can do this after you sign up for a one time reduced price

My Guarantee to you

I can't guarantee that my program will turn you into a super shredded adonis with a six pack you could grate cheese on.






that if you don't join, and simply carry on the way you are,


You will stay the same that you are.


You may even look worse in a few months.


I started to get a Dad Bod because I got complacent.  I had no drive, no motivation.  I wasn't competing any more so I had nothing to aim for.


I only changed my body because I got up of my ass, stopped procrastinating and made a positive change in my life by revamping everything I was doing.


Do nothing, stay the same.


Or join me as one of those who refuse to let age and a busy job gradually erode what we like looking at in the mirror.

Start your free 7 day trial now

Try the program completely free for 7 days. If you're not completely happy you don't pay anything and are free to cancel


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